Monday, January 10, 2011

We Need to Catch Up

So...been awhile I know i'm guilty! A lot has been decided and still a lot undecided! So in this post I will keep everyone up to date on wedding progress, life, etc!

WE HAVE A DRESS! Yes, my maid of honor/bestie went with my mother and I this past weekend to "look" at dresses. We tried on all different kinds, poofy, princess, slim fitting and even one with pockets. My mom came in with the idea of just looking around but we left with the dress paid for. I WILL NOT disclose any info of the dress except for the fact that it was the first one Megan pulled of the rack and my mother said I looked like Belle in it. I feel like the queen I would love to be. Cannot wait to wear it in EXACTLY 8 MONTHS!

Invites/Thank you's/Stationary-So I decided I am going to trek this on my own! Megan is my main lead in this being huge on design but we are going to go to hobby lobby, michaels and joanns in a couple weeks to gather supplies and get started. So any type of stationary you receive in the near future will be hand-made by me!

The only thing I still have not figure out is decor and officiant. I am having a lot of trouble with that because we are desperately trying to cut back and not spend as much. So any ideas let me know.

Also I am debating my "walking down the aisle" song....anything from Avril 14 by the Apex Twins, Yellow by Coldplay and Gobbledigook by Sigur Ros has been thrown around....what ya think?

Well...still working at USB and in desperate need of referrals...need a new checking account? Credit Card? Refinance your car or a new car? LET ME KNOW! Brycen has not been working as much with the weather but thats okay he is working at home!

I graduate in 4 months...count it!!! 4 MONTHS wow this is a crazy crazy year! I start school next week so we shall see how this semester goes...either way its my last as an undergrad thank goodness.

Well that is all for now! I need your help on some things as you can see...your opinion is valued here :)

Thanks! XOXO

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