Sunday, December 5, 2010

Changes They are a Comin'!

It's been a little while!!

Since the last time I wrote we had a great engagement party with family and friends. Everyone brought a dish to share and the recipe that we will now put in a recipe book! I had a blast and I will put a couple pictures up!!
I had a revelation yesterday. I am spending an awful lot on this wedding...which I would not mind if we had the money but....we dont. So I am in the process of making some major changes. I am still keeping the same venue, caterer, photographer and a couple other things but I am looking into doing most of the stuff myself! It will cut cost tremendously and make it more personable.

I am sooo excited for things to come! maid of honor and bestie has volunteered to help with a lot of it and I am soo happy that she is enthusiastic about it! :)
Soo the semester ends this week. I have numerous take home finals and what not that i intend to get done today and tomorrow! Wish me luck!
Brycen and I are currently in super save mode and are getting our lives on track which is awesome!!!!

Not a whole lot going on right now! Yun and Andy will be here this Wednesday and I have vaca from my crazy ass job so I can't wait to spend a little time with my friends!

20 days till Christmas!

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