Sunday, October 31, 2010

Making it Official

Hey! I know its been a while, forgive me but school is super hectic.

So I am registered on the know and it gives me a little checklist of things to do over the next year to prepare for my wedding. One of the things I am behind on is researching an officiant for our wedding.


Here's the deal...we need someone who is legally able to do a ceremony BUT will not involve religion. We were both raised in similar yet different denominations and have decided we want to keep it purely secular. It just fits us. We want to focus more on us and our love than the heavens above. I am not a heathen but that's just the way we feel.

So with that being said we are looking for someone. And the knot is NOT a lot of help on this particular subject. If anyone knows ANYONE that would be willing to be flexible like this please let us know. Trying to keep my ducks in a row and this one just keeps wandering off.

Other News....
Im 22. Yup. Celebrated this past week with family and friends the good ol' double deuce. Not as exciting as 21 but I did not expect it to be. Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes! I am also knees deep in this semester with 5 projects on the board to do before the end of the semester totaling at about 52 pages. Yaaahoooo! As you can see I will be VERY busy but will make room for updates.


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