Thursday, October 7, 2010

Our Story

Today I thought I would retell our story in Paris leading up to his proposal. Enjoy!

March 16:
We were in our hotel room planning for the next day. We were going to Versailles early in the morning and spending the whole day at the chateau and the town. While eating our gyro/kebab/doener....whatever you may call it, we planned our train ride and our way through the chateau. After dinner we decided to head to bed early...or at least I did. Brycen stayed up writing a journal entry and listening to his Ipod. A time or two I would hear him sing "green eyes" by coldplay and just smile at me. The lights went out after an hour or so, once he got bored watching House in French, we went to sleep.

March 17:
We woke up bright and early, grabbed a bit of breakfast at the bakery and got ready. He told me to wear something nice so I did. He dressed up as well. We set out on the train enjoying our ride to Versailles. It took us a while to find the Chateau because we were on the wrong end of town but once we did it was like a dream. In the process of getting our tickets the fire alarm went off and we were asked to evacuate the building. Finally once they figured out what was going on we were able to leave and enjoy Versailles.

We went through crowded halls and open gardens. This time I was not so interested in the palace itself but more so the gardens and Marie Antoinettes estate. As we headed towards the main fountain I got a little nervous. Brycen had mentioned earlier in the trip that he had something he wanted to give me. I honestly thought it was going to be a nice necklace or bracelette to match the beautiful earrings he got me for christmas so needless to say I wanted to find out.

We stopped for a nice lunch along the lake before the grand canal. He had eggs and french fries while I had an amazing croque monsieur. We had a bit of ice cream and talked for a while. This was hands down the best lunch we had in Paris. It was amazing!

Afterwards we headed to the queens estate. Last time I was there I only got as far as the Triannon so I wanted to make a point to get past that and to the farm. We headed quickly from lunch towards the triannon but something came over me. I HAD to know what he wanted to give me. My stomach was is knots. Could it be? He didnt have enough time to get anything before we left...and he didnt even know what I had looked at.

I stopped him half way downt the grand canal and said I cant do this anymore , what do you have to give me.I sat down on a small bridge and he gave me a note...the same note he had written the night before. i sat down got half way through then realized what it was...and what he was trying to say..I looked up he was on one knee smiling and took out a box.

You can pretty much assume what happened then. I have been thinking about this a lot recently and how much I love Brycen. How much I cannot wait to have our prefect day and spend our lives together. Call me sappy but its just how I feel recently.


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  1. It was so romantic! I would LOVE to be proposed to in France. WESLEY, are you listening to this!?!? hahahaha