Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Mind Wandering

DISCLAIMER: I will let you know ahead of time what you are about to read is a result of my mind refusing to shut down and going every which way on every single subject. I just need to get some of it out...enjoy!

Language Learning
so I am not going to lie but i have grown a little bored of the romance and classical languages. I love speaking them but hate the whole literature part. I want to learn something new now...something different and learn it at an accelerated level. Which ones you ask? Japanese, Russian, ANYTHING! I would love to focus on those two though.

I have been having flashbacks of past travels and visits to friends. I always go to sleep seeing the sun in the backyard of my french families home and see me in boots with Manue in the middle of the field in front of their house.
I also think about walking through the streets of the busiest city in the world..Tokyo. I remember the train rides and dancing on the platform. The amazing hospitality and some amazing conversations.
Its not that I want to travel...I need to! It is who I am. A traveler just wanting to expand my knowledge through experience. I miss it. I just need to take a year and go for all around!

I just had to get some of this out. I will have a real update probably tomorrow.
Love you!

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  1. I feel like I'm a traveler in my heart, too. It's a money thing for me. If I were to hit the lotto, my ass would be gone! I would be an adventurer. And it would be awesome. I am so proud of all of the traveling you have done at our age. It's an amazing achievement.