Monday, September 13, 2010

Lets Begin!

I revamped my blog and got rid of the old. Now for the new. I intend to blog a few times a week with updates on the wedding, school, life in general. So enough explanation..lets get started!

Wedding Info:
Date: September 10 2011
Ceremony/Reception: Hobbs Building
Caterer: Feasts of Fancy
Photographer: Hawes Photography
Florist: To be decided

As you can see we have it down!! Well so I thought. The other day I realized...oh no! The wedding is only 363 days away and I have so many little things to do! There is a lot more planning than just the big stuff so I need to get on it. I was so nervous yet excited because this is a huge day for Brycen and I and honestly I CANNOT wait! If anyone has any advice it would be appreciated but for today at least we have the basics.

Since I am getting married I would like to look good and get back in shape! I intend to motivate myself making my progress public.
At the moment I have set a goal of 30 pounds lost by the end of the year! So with a better diet and exercise I intend to get there. Every post I will give a -X for the amount of weight lost from original! Wish me luck!

On top of this if blogging goes well I will add more like pictures and other projects i am working on. Until then...let me know your thoughts so far.

See ya next time!

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  1. This is all really exciting! We DO have so many little things to do and plan. Let me know know if you need ANYTHING!